Zen, Dialect & P Solja Take to Leeds’ Streets for Latest Cypher

JDZmedia once again push the talented battle rappers that can be found in the ever-blossoming Leeds grime scene, with a brand new cypher brimmed with energy, creativity and personality.

Following on from a solo JDZmedia video, Dialect returns to the UK rap media platform alongside fellow Leeds mainstays Zen and P Solja.

All three artists have been enjoying a promising first season under the employ of Manchester icon Shotty Horroh in his innovative team-based league Premier Battles; Zen and P battling for Mandrill Mob and Dialect killing the game for Knights Battle Club, respectively. Now, they take a step off the stage and onto the concrete for a freestyle format none of those involved are strangers to.

What works so well in this cypher is how Zen, Dialect and P Solja are all unique; utilising their own writing styles and having their own distinct deliveries which fluidly shift from artist to artist.

The instrumental of choice is of the sweetest taste; a thumping, gritty Filthy Gears beat which suits each MC to a T.

If this cypher proves one thing, it’s that the constantly-strengthening Leeds grime movement is at full speed ahead, and the speed is 140bpm.

Conman Curve

Yo, it's your friendly neighbourhood Conman as per. How we doin' UK Battle Rap fans, we good?

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