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We’re back with the final installment in our series of exclusive UKBR interviews with the Premier Academy Semi Finalists. If you missed any of the previous interviews, you can catch them all at the following links: I-Kid (Link), Major Concerns (Link) and Darpa (Link). This time we catch up with LSDean of Team Tox, who’s opponent Darpa had a lot of fighting words to give in advance of their match up during our interview, though clearly LSDean can dish it just as well as he hits out with some choice words of his own. Check out LSDean’s Round of 16 battle against Tydal here, and read on below to see LSDean’s thoughts on the competition so far and what lies ahead.


Congratulations on earning a spot at the Academy Semi Finals. Looking back to when the Academy first started with a list of 24 battlers, what were your initial thoughts on the rest of the competition?

The first event I must have only watched like three battles because I’d been asked to fill in for Lex literally 3 days before so was just desperately tryna remember my s**t

Darpa/I Kid was definitely the standout of that tryout day for sure so it’s no surprise they’re both in the semis


That was a rocky start to the competition with the short prep and then your opponent dropping out too, but you persevered and got through with Team Tox. What’s it been like working with Tox as a manager, has there been much involvement in that regard?

Tox has been f**king fantastic, sometimes as a battler you can be a bit too friendly if someone sends you material and not be too critical… Tox is not like that

He’s always pressing everyone to up their game and prepare in time and for someone like me that’s a god send


So we’ve just advanced past the Quarter Finals, what did you think of your battle with Deviant, and the other 3 Quarters that took place?

Honestly I feel my performance could have been a lot cleaner and that’s definitely something I’m looking at for the next battle, I won on content but sometimes I was too loud and it was taking away from the bars themselves. Luckily Darpa has had a total of 3 bars in his career so it’s no real worry

Major vs Blitz was dope, Major showed why he’s the favourite for this tournament and Blitz to his credit did better than I thought he just needs to stop reacting to his opponents bars so much and pick better angles

I Kid vs Loxy felt quite odd in the room and i think that shows on cam, the juxtaposition between their two styles really didn’t gel well and I think I-Kid took it 3-0 still without being able to show what he’s capable of

Darpa vs Frost again suffered, I think Frost would have taken the decision with a cleaner performance as he did stumble. Darpa had some next lines here and there, a brilliant impression but all of the highlights of his rounds had nothing to do with rap


On that point, you are in the unique position of the 4 remaining battlers where you’re now poised in position to be able to put the final nail in the coffin for Team Flawless before we even reach the final. How do you think you VS Darpa will go?

Alright here’s exactly how Darpa’s rounds will go

Round 1: He’ll make fun of team Tox – He’ll call me gay

Round 2: He’ll do an impression – Make fun of my music and do a silly dance – Call me gay again

Round 3: he’ll call me gay – Choke

In every round I’ll clearly out bar him, crowd control will be similar but I have far more (read: some whatsoever) charisma and he’s ridiculously simple technically. Not to mention that he makes up words and hopes we don’t notice because we’re busy tryna understand his damn accent and give him the benefit of the doubt


Strong words, I can’t wait to see how that battle goes. You seem to be hitting a new level of form especially this year, would you agree with that and is there anything you can attribute that to?

Honestly I’m just actually trying, I took a bunch of battles I didn’t want to do just to actually get booked and put on trash performances, realised I can’t progress doing that and there’s no harm in actually trying and writing what I want


If you carry that on and win 2 more battles, you’ll be the champion of Academy 18. One of the prizes is the 5th spot on a first division team of your choice, have you a preference picked already of who you’d like to join and why?

Right now I’m between Sharks and Knights, Sharks obviously because any chance you have to interact with Shotty and learn from him you take. Knights have definitely been the best managed team for me and far overachieved what people expected of them.

However I’d definitely talk with all the managers and see who would actually want me and play me in match days rather than just being a spare name on a team


Alright man, that’s about it from me. Any shoutouts or last comments to add?

After this next Academy round gonna be dropping some cool music under the name Dead Bo¥ with my friend Mattu who is a ridiculous producer you should definitely look out for so get ready for that and come down to Match Day 005 to watch me win 2-1 in the building clear 3-0 on cam when you realise he said nothing just very convincingly.


Well well, this is certainly not one to be missed, going to be an incredible event all round so make sure you’re in the room for this one! Tickets available here



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