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Once again we’re back with another UKBR exclusive, continuing with our series of interviews with the Premier Battles Academy Semi Finalists (Check out the prior interviews with I-Kid here and Major Concerns here). This time we’re speaking with the sole remaining representative of Team Flawless, Darpa. Darpa came into the competition having started with DubScandal Battle League, and making appearances on NIL2 and Chalked Out. You can catch his Premier Academy qualifying battle against I-Kid here. He takes on Team Tox’s LSDean in the upcoming Semi Final at Matchday 005. As an outspoken character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, this interview takes on a more expletive laden nature compared to those it follows, read all about it down below!

Congratulations on making it through to the Academy Semi Finals. Let’s take it back for a moment to when the Academy was announced, when there was 24 battlers on the list. Yourself being on paper probably one of the favourites to go far or take it outright at the beginning, what were your initial thoughts on the rest of the competition?

Appreciate that mate, thank you. I didn’t recognize a lot of the names to be honest. There was a few on there that like surprised me, Ryza, Kofi and Tydal and that. I seen their names on there and thought they’re problems. They were the only 3 names I really knew about, bar like Frost and that. The names that made it through like LSDean, Major Concerns, DMAC, I didn’t know nothing about Major Concerns, didn’t know nothing about DMAC, LSDean I’d heard he was trash in his tryouts for Don’t Flop and that. When it initially came around I liked it cause I wanted a little bit of an expectation like when I battled Barnye, I enjoyed writing for him cause I didn’t know f**k all about him other than he was a little spanklywanker at a university in Leicester and that was literally it.


So Barnye is one of the people who actually debuted as a battler through Academy, the new blood as it were, what was it like going up against him?

Do you know what I admired his confidence for a lad his age, coming up young full of arrogance and swag, he had some bars and stuff and like he surprised us in how he turned up. I knew he’d be getting props from Team Tox. I think if we had battled without that support I’d have f**king bodied him worse, I’d have f**king crushed him. I think there was a couple of things that might have helped him stood behind him, I still rated him I think he’s a good writer, he’s a clever lad, you can tell he’s like one of them posh battle rappers who could watch a battle and go like ‘Yeah I could write that’


You stand as the last hope, the ace up the sleeve for Team Flawless to prevent Team Tox winning the competition. What’s it been like working with Flawless as a manager, has there been much involvement in that regard?

It surprised me a little bit cause like you know how you see Team Tox go on and Tox is out with all of his guys on the forum and stuff, and if you look at the rest of Team Flawless – apart from me I’d say cause I was always like that anyway, I was always quite vocal on the forum, always speaking to people, chatting s**t and trolling and whatnot – With Flawless he’s completely the opposite of that, I haven’t really spoken to him about the promo side, it’s just been about helping out with like the choking, like prepping and stuff mate cause it’s all down to my preparation where the choking comes from and he’s helped loads with that, although I did it a little again in the last one. In terms of like angles, he’ll advise on what to take out and not say, he’ll question an angle but wont tell us do this or that or write this or write that, he’s not ghost writing, I’ll send him bars and he’ll say ‘I like that’ or ‘take that out it’s trash’ and stuff like that. He’s not like a dictator though, I might not speak to him for a couple weeks and then he can drop in an e-mail like ‘what’s good G’ and it’s good.


You’re just off the back of the ultimate rematch between yourself and Frost, probably earlier than many had thought it may happen, a bit of a rivalry for the ages that. Was your approach any different this time, and how’d you think about how the battle went down

I did totally think about it, I didn’t wanna battle Frost, I spoke on it in the second Premier Academy BTS episode. I said I wanted LSDean after the Barnye clash, basically because I’d already clashed Frost before and LSDean, I dunno I just haven’t rated him for a long time, real talk I watched battling for years and I’ve seen his tryouts before they got vaulted, and he’s f**king s**t, he’s not a rapper he’s a tryer. I wanted to call him out on that so he’s f**ked anyway in the semi finals, that’s not even a conversation I’m having. But when I battled Frost, I’d never say that about him ya know what I mean. That’s what I’m saying, that’s the difference, like I’ll f**k LSDean’s life up, he’s done. Whoever wins out of Major Concerns and I-Kid, that’s who I’m battling in the final. But I didn’t know I was even gonna be in the Semi Final and Frost can take props on that. Me and him, we battled each other first when we were humble, young up and coming in the scene, we had a chat and we had a smoke and that. Like we love battle rap, both of us have watched it for years me and Frost, we love the bulls**t and the s**t talk and the promo and all that carry on. I f**king hate him like don’t get me wrong, and he hates me, but you know what I mean there’s the mutual respect in terms of the artform. He’ll come out and say I’m trash but that’s fine, I beat him twice so he can say what he f**king wants innit.


Any comments on the other Quarter Finals that took place?

Major Concerns, the biggest thing I got from that one is I noticed his dad was in the crowd, I rated that his dad was there supporting him like that’s fire. I spoke to Major as well and like I rated him a lot, his bars are decent man he’s a f**king superb writer. As for his performance, you know what it is right, me and Tox will give each other s**t, but I tell you that whatever he’s said to Major Concerns between his first battle and the rest, it’s done something. I don’t think his writing has ever been in question.
Honestly like on the real, the whole process of the Academy has surprised us. I did from the start say like I’m not bothered about anyone on there, but that is only about the names I knew about. There’s been some surprises man 100 percent, from the tryouts. I think it comes down to who’s hungriest now.

Should you win 2 more battles and emerge the victor of it all, one of the prizes is the 5th spot on one of the teams in the first division. Have you a preference picked already of who you would like to join and why?

Nah I haven’t. I’m not thinking about it, I’m on a bit of a journey at the minute. I’ve spoken to Shotty Horroh face to face after my battle, and like I only started battling because my mate sent bars to Bobby Rex and he replied saying ‘you’re fire’. I feel like I’m here now and talking to people like Shotty, Rex, and getting asked for interviews like this. I never expected anything mate, but I’ve always been cocksure of myself. I’ve been a fan of rap music since I was 13 and I’m 32 now, even since younger than that but that was the age I really got into it. I’ve watched battling and looked at other battlers and thought ‘you know what he’s f**king s**te and boring them’. I don’t really give much of a f**k, like I will tell people to their face like I did at the event at the weekend that they’re trash. Like let’s have a bit of banter about it, you’re trash, you think I’m trash, let’s talk s**t about it, let’s make it entertaining for people. I’m a battler who when it’s all said and done, if I lose against LSDean – Which I won’t – but if it doesn’t go the way I want it to like it’s just a journey that I’m enjoying right now, it’s class banter I’m meeting new people every day, bodying new battlers every other month it’s class man. I’ve never looked at it and thought I wanna be the best or the top tier I’ve just thought ‘yeah I’ll battle’ and here I am now.


That’s everything from me, any shoutouts or further comments you’d like to add? 

I’ve probably chewed your ear off to the point you never ever wanna chat with me again but always shouts out to Flawless first and foremost. Big shoutouts to Gary Johnson my main man who sent the video to Bobby Rex in the first place like he gets the shoutout every day, he backed me when I was a nipper in nursery, he’s backed me on the forums and battle rap when I’m doing s**t, Gary Johnson number 1. Daniel Doyle, Jordan O Neill, shouts to them. On the scene, Brudda Xhale, Bobby Rex, Maverick, Kofi, Conman, Acre, Bold Yin, Copasetic Soul, Terminal, I could go on for a while, appreciate your time man.


Some fighting words in there for sure, get your tickets to Matchday 005 to see if he backs it, available at this link here.

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