Shotty Horroh Proves That He Is A ‘Danger’ In Yet Another Banger

Since aligning with Sony Music for a long-term multi-album deal, fans have wondered what style Shotty was going to push given such a massive opportunity. Gone are the days of psychedelic rap as per ‘Xombie Xoo’, gone is the American chart hip hop sound of ‘Sixteen Minutes Past 3’, now we enter the realm of Shotty’s newest flavour: indie rock.

In his first track of this style, ‘Shudehill’, fans were taken aback at a much more memorable, catchy, chorus-driven rock anthem that is clearly influenced by the infamous Manchester rock movement¬†√† la Oasis and The Stone Roses.

In subsequent releases, ‘Dirty Old Town’ provided a faster-paced, drum-banging hit, yet still included infectious hooks and choruses throughout, and most recently ‘Frank & Stein’ offered up an acoustic track with tones of The Strokes and The Kooks.

Now, Shotty yet again conjures up a storm with his latest drop, ‘Danger’. All of the releases so far have ran with the theme of Shotty’s birthplace and the day-to-day happenings in the suburbs of Manchester, and ‘Danger’ continues this thread of working-class mentality and observations.

All of the previous tracks have ran with mostly sung vocals rather than rapped, which has allowed for fresh listening, but in ‘Danger’ Shotty goes back to predominately rapped bars over quickened guitar riffs and snare hits in the verses. The choruses and bridge, on the other hand, are yet again sung and damn we have even more catchy ones to add to the mental library.

You will be bellowing this song out in your head and whistling the tune to it for days on end.

‘Danger’ by Shotty Horroh AVAILABLE NOW! New album ‘Salt of the Earth’ coming 12th October, 2018.


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