Shotty Horroh Announces Release Date for New Album ‘Salt of the Earth’

UK battle rap favourite Shotty Horroh continues his incredible transformation in music with his new album Salt of the Earth, scheduled for release on the 12th October.

Shotty Horroh announced the release date of 12th October via his twitter

After the hugely-impressive release of singles Shudehill and Dirty Old Town, Shotty’s new direction has received a huge amount of praise from both music and battle communities; the sound promises to be the epitome of ‘Mancunian’, with clear inspirations from the likes of Oasis and the Happy Mondays laced into the gritty-yet-relatable instrumentals, and the signature aggressive writing style of Shotty himself. As with the first two singles, the title Salt of the Earth would suggest further explorations of working-class life in the north-west are in store, and the unique vocals that have been shown thus far succeed in creating an entrancing narrative when listened to that is extremely hard to find in the 21st Century.

Releasing under Sony Music Entertainment, the new album is a serious step up for the already-popular artist, setting a precedent for underground UK artists by creating a sound that is able to tap into multiple audiences while maintaining the previously established character and personality Shotty has shown in previous years. The current two releases have already amassed hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of months, and the exponential rise of UK battle rap’s premier talent is well and truly on.

But while we’re on the topic of exponential rises, it would be a crime to not also mention that Shotty Horroh also co-founded Premier Battles, a league with one of the most rapidly-increasing followings in battle rap as a whole, which also looks set to boost the stock of some of the UK’s top battlers as well as the up and comers of the Academy. It would appear that 2018 promises to be the Mancunian’s year when all is said and done.

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