Respek BA Is An Absolute ‘Nightmare’ In Spine-Tingling New Music Video

Scottish hip hop powerhouse Respek BA has been on a successful run of dropping music videos via the Don’t Flop and Chalked Out battle rap outlets. Kicking off proceedings with ‘Shadow of Death’ and following up with the title track of his upcoming Slime House Records album ‘New Weapons’, BA has upped his already impressive game of belting punchline rap.

This third instalment in his single releases from the ‘New Weapons’ album is nothing short of yet another BA classic track. ‘Nightmare’ opens up with BA flat out saying it’s yet another track filled with twisted writing and evil punchlines, which suits his battling persona and his bellowing Glaswegian vocals down to a T.

‘Nightmare’ takes the torch previously lit by BA’s slick and thunderous wordplay and runs with it into yet another dark dimension. There are no more than three bars that go by without containing some kind of clever language manipulation, cultural reference, juxtaposition or general badassery. BA’s writing style is simply a luxury to listen to for fans of punchline rap.

The instrumental once again has been masterfully composed by Koaraktor, and it isĀ nasty. Simple as that. Very few hip hop albums these days make you equally as excited to hear the rest of an album for the production as you are to hear the artist, but after three fantastic beats in a row, one can only wonder what other tricks the promising Austrian producer has up his sleeve.

The music video here is filmed by none other than fellow Scottish battle rap force, Mackenzie. Mackenzie has himself had a string of high quality music video productions for his own tracks with Gawngallaz. This level of professionalism rubs off on the ‘Nightmare’ video with aplomb.

I think all I have left to say is ‘New Weapons’ needs to hurry the hell up!

Respek BA – ‘New Weapons’ – Coming Soon

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