Rap Is Full | FIRST Title Match | Terminal VS Gwame

Rap Is Full has been very much one of battle rap’s recent success stories. Still in their infancy, beginning early 2017, RIF has become one of Europe’s most popular new leagues and has not only crammed their roster full of exciting names, but also breathed new life into the forgotten remains of the Irish battle rap scene.

Having impressively aligned with Shotty Horroh’s Premier Battles for the first ever team-based ‘England VS Ireland’ battle event, booked a classic battle between icons Oshea and The Saurus, and most recently securing sponsorship from Red Bull, it was only a matter of time before RIF added to their collection of trinkets with a title.

The performers chosen to contend for the title of the first ever Rap Is Full champion were two of Ireland’s most loved and prolific battlers, each with their own distinct styles.

Terminal has impressed not only pretty much every Irish battle fan, but has also impressed a lot of UK fans after his standout tryout performance against Deviant at Code Red’s ‘Next in Line 2’ event in October, 2017. This popularity has taken him on a quest of main stage battles against the likes of Darpa, Hulk, Mackenzie and Dialect. An impressive resume.

However, opponent Gwame also possesses a worthy CV, having put in excellent performances against Pamflit, Kinell, JShort and Matter. Gwame was by far the more experienced battler entering this contest, having over three times as many battles as Terminal spanning back to the early days of Don’t Flop.

This battle was a fierce contest and is easily not only one of the best clashes in the Rap Is Full catalogue, but will also be fondly remembered as a historic battle years down the line. Not many words can do justice to two of the very best in a country full of talent locking horns for victory and, of course, a customised skateboard and hip flask.


The man who took home said skateboard and flask was Gwame, who had the following to say about the win:

“The title match was crazy. Terminal came with some of the hardest material I’ve ever had to face. Judging was 3:2 in my favour and everyone had it 2:1 in either direction. I feel I took the first, he got the second and the third is debatable depending on how much my stumbles/pauses factor into the decision. A lot of people are going to give it to him which is perfectly reasonable. Win or lose, I’m glad it was hard to call. Anything else would imply one of us shouldn’t have been there. In any case, I’m ready to silence any doubters come defense time.”

Fighting talk. Whoever is going to stand in Gwame’s way next, they aren’t going to take the Rap Is Full title off him with ease.

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