Rap Is Full Battle League | Broken Resolutions | Gwame vs Bobby Rex announced

Yet another fire announcement from the boys over at RIF for their upcoming January event. This time we’ve got the Rap Is Full Champ Gwame, who beat Terminal earlier this year for the title, taking his first battle since that day against the intimidating and absolute force of nature that is Bobby Rex.

There’s no telling what to expect from this one. Gwame is an absolute killer right now and it’s fantastic to see him getting a big name from our lovely little island, especially after his performance in the title match. Bobby as well is a force to be reckoned with when he’s in his bag and after making an absolute classic vs Scoop at Next in Line 3 you know he’s going to keep setting those levels. This one is sure to be a treat and an entertaining fun battle.

What do you think of this match up? Who else would you want to see on this card? Leave a comment and remember to head to Rap is Full on YouTube and subscribe tho

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