Rap Is Full Battle League | Broken Resolutions | Balor vs Double L announced

RIF’s first event of the year looks like it’s off to an absolutely stunning start with this gem of an announcement. We have RIF regular Balor, who is currently making a name for himself in England racking up multiple appearances on Gift of the Gab in 2018, going up against a true veteran in the form of Double L, making his return to the UK battle rap scene.

This should be a fire battle. Balor will be coming into this off the back of his one rounders vs Bracey at the recent GOTG united event (a weekend in which he battled 3 times) and Deviant on the same channel earlier this year. Meanwhile Double L made his last appearance against Kinell earlier this year on KOTR and proved that he hasn’t lost his trademark humour and wit, before that though he hadn’t been on the scene for two years, with his last two battles being on beat forays in a compliments grime clash against Blizzard and a 2on2 with Dialect against Izzie Gibbs and Villain. Could this be the first step on a Double L resurgence in 2019?

With the way the scene has been this year is it time we had the return of some old faces?

I for one am looking forward to this one


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