Premier Battles | Matchday 005 | Announcement: Elz vs P Solja

No introductory sentence is needed for this particular announcement. If you watch the video above and you read the title to this article. P Solja vs Elz will be an unbelievable battle. Elz comes in as a loan for a Glory team that has struggled to find form through the season and find themselves with Mandrill in a battle for fourth place. All eyes will be on Elz for this clash though, as he returns to the ring with a lot to prove against a more-than-established opponent.

Personally, I have no more to say than that. What do YOU think will be the final outcome? How will this first Premier Battles season come to a close? If you can’t make it down to Ruby Lounge on the the 6th October (and believe me you SHOULD be making it down) make sure you’re subscribed to PB for all the latest updates, and hit up the official UK battle rap forum by clicking here for all your Facebooky battle news across the whole scene.

Sam Strickland

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