Premier Battles | Match Day 004 | Bison Briggz vs Zen

As Match Day 5 comes to a rather abrupt end and Shotty Horroh’s Shark City raises the title and trophy, we take the time to reflect a little on the penultimate pit stop of this journey that Shotty and Briggzy experimental league has taken us on, and what a better way to do so than the first upload from Match Day 004.

Thie excellent match sees veteran, league co-owner and Pride BC manager Bison Briggz going up against the equally legend vet in the game, Mandrill Mobs Zen.


This was Briggzy’s second time jumping into the ring for Premier Battles, he went up against Carl French in an entertaining battle at the England vs Ireland friendly matches, before that he bounced back on the scene with a highly entertaining clash at the start of the year against Battle Rap Resumes very own Tom Kwei AKA Soliloquey.


Meanwhile this is Zen’s second appearance in the league and unlike Briggzy this is his second judged battle of the season.

These are two guys who match up extremely well against one another, surprising for them to have not been mach up earlier, both being respective 6 year plus vets to the scene.


Both absolutely deliver in this clash, bringing some surprising personals and putting in real performances for their team.

But alas the battle could only end one way…you know cos it’s judged.

Do you agree with the decision? Who do you want to see these guys up against next in season 2?

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