Premier Battles | Match Day 003 | Chris Leese vs Dialect

Fresh drop from Premier Battles, we have the next match from Match Day 003, with Shotty Horrohs Shark City going up against Joker Starrs Knights BC.

In the run up to MD3 this battle was hotly debated and contested. The Premier Battles format has been a god send for Leese (SHK), with it allowing him to showcase why he’s underrated in the UK, gaining 3-0 wins against P Solja (MM) at MD1 and Locksmyth (GBC) at MD2.

Chrissy Leese was definitely looking to keep that winning streak going into this one, with him on probably one of the highest runs of his battling career. It made sense that he’d face the titan that is Dialect (KBC) and what a clash they produced. This was Dialects first battle in the league and certainly not his last.

Arguably one of the BOTN from a stacked card and hugely debatable with Chris making a case for why he’s undefeated so far in PB and Dialect making a heavy counter argument for why he’s definitely Knights secret weapon.


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