Premier Battles | England vs Ireland | Raptor Warhurst vs Podge Dwyer

Latest battle to drop from Premier Battles widely successful Ireland vs England event in partnership with Rap Is Full, we have Irish heavy hitter Podge Dwyer going up against Manchester legend Raptor Warhurst.

This is a heavy clash and one that stylistically makes a ton of sense, both of these dudes have been on an absolute tear in 2017/2018. Coming into this one Raptor was at 0-3 in the league, putting in insane performances just to get beat to the post in a photo finish each time against the likes of Oshea, Quill and Villun. So he was going to be coming into this one looking to take a head off, even if it is just a friendly.

Podge on the other hand has been picking up wins all over the place and came into this certainly not looking to give up that streak now, especially with a character loaded with angles like Raptor.

Who do you think won? Who do you want to see these guys up against next? Leave a comment!

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