Premier Battles | England vs Ireland | Matter vs Gwame

In the latest Premier Battles upload from the England vs Ireland event, West Yorkshire’s Matter takes on Gwame.

This battle saw an English veteran take on an Irish up-and-comer who has already established a name over the water. Matter came with the expected clowning and confidence that underpins his famous style, while Gwame proved he was one to watch as the UK scene grows and begins to support the Irish scene as a whole. Rap is Full have been displaying incredible talent and Gwame shows he’s able to hang with some of the UK’s top tier and could be a huge name as time goes on.

Who do you think won this battle? Have your say on the Official UK Battle Rap Group forum (whether you’re part of the UK or not) by clicking here, subscribe to Premier Battles right here¬†and follow the exponential growth of Irish battle rap by getting involved with Rap is Full by clicking on this particular link. Also make sure to “subscribe tho” at Rap is Full on YouTube to see more of Gwame and others in their home nation.

Sam Strickland

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