Premier Battles announces charity raffle for the one of a kind Shark City “Bender” shirt

At the start of this weird year in battle rap we lost one of the true greats, the irreplaceable Bender. The true master of the craft. In his honour Premier Battles have announced that they’re going to raffle off a one of a kind Shark City jersey with Benders name emblazoned upon it. The shirt is signed by Raptor and will be signed by everyone performing at the Allstar Game next weekend , i.e. Illmaculate, Caustic, Soul, Mike P and many more.

The description reads as follows:

A few days after Bender passed away, Ryan Warhurst (Raptor) required an exclusive Shark City jersey with his name on the back that he could wear at Match Day 002 against Quill.

Raptor’s signed the jersey and will be bringing it to the Allstar Game next Saturday, where it will be signed by all the battlers in attendance.

We’re going to make this shirt available with a raffle and any money we raise will be donated to either Bender’s family or an art’s charity in the UK (Shotty will speak to his family) as anybody who knew Bender knows how incredibly talented he was with his art.

Winner will be announced Sunday 16th December via a live stream on the PB Facebook page.

Minimum donation is £5 (numerous donations can be made – purchase more tickets)


Raffle tickets can be purchased here and is for an absolutely fantastic cause and will celebrate the life of a man that cemented himself as an icon within the scene.


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