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So here it is, here is Premier Battles making their biggest claim for league of the year. Bring some of the biggest UK vs US battles to our soil that have ever been thought of.

This card is stacked. This is the endgame of Premier Battles first year and my god I can’t imagine what they have in mind for season 2.

Starting from bottom of the card up we have:


This is the culmination of PB’s groundbreaking Academy 18. We’ve got one of the most exciting newcomers, who had his first battle on this platform, going up against a veteran who fell somewhat between the cracks and is now getting the shine he deserves. This is all to play for, with the winner of this match up taking home the cash prize and a place on a Division 1 PB team in season 2.

???? vs OSHEA

This one is a surprise, but definitely a welcome one. Oshea has proven time and time again that he truly is the GOAT of UKBR and although his W/L record was 1-2 at the end of the season, you’ve always gotta have an Oshea battle haven’t you? Osh’s opponent won’t be announced until the event, all we know is that is a UK debut. Speculate as you please.


Now this is a battle. A helluva battle. Rivers journey in PB hasn’t been one of the easiest. After a controversial loss to Unanymous at Match Day 002, Tony D’s firing, Quill reshuffling the team, Quills departure and then Rivers himself taking charge he’s certainly been through the ringer. All this and picking up a 2-1 W/L record has really cemented him a place in the Allstar game and who better to match him up against than the legend Big Kannon, a formidable presence and insane freestyler, Kannon has cemented himself legend status in the scene since all the way back to his Tenchoo battle on Don’t Flop.


The PB format has been a revolution for Chris. Like many others, the time limits and having every battle be judged have shifted a gear for battlers to really try and no one has been trying harder than Mr Leese. Coming away from the first season as the only battle with a 3-1 W/L record this spot was always going to be between him and Juan as both were set to very much be the MVPs of the league, his surprise win over Juan at Match Day 005 earned him this spot. Caustic has been well overdue to a visit to the UK, especially in the written format. 2017 Jump Off champion and the self proclaimed bad guy of battle rap, Caustic is a monumental figure in the scene, giving UKBR one of it’s most iconic moments “Sorry kiddo”. It’s fantastic to see him making his return to our stage.


His 2-0 record is what truly established Dialect’s place in the Allstar game, putting in two amazing hard hitting performances and walking away with a clean record is no easy feat. This battle vs Loso is set to be Dialect’s last battle (though we know how battle rap retirements work) so fingers crossed he has a good send off against a UK debut. Loso is an interesting figure, making a name for himself against opponents such as Moneybagz and Daylyt. Hard hitting and intelligent, this Christian rapper is definitely going to be need the Lord on his side in this one, here’s hoping he doesn’t underestimate Dialect.


Now this one is sure to be fired up. Cojay, like Rivers has had a shaky journey in PB, but has come out of the other end as truly one of the MVPs of the league. After a clear loss to Joker Starr, he quickly dusted himself off and earned POTN for his Quill and Oshea battles and then went on to win Battler of the Year from PB. Cojay truly lit a fire under himself after Match Day 001, especially with the fans expectations against him. Mike P is truly one of the best guys to match up against Cojay. With fantastic aggression and a heavy style, these guys will contrast well with each other. Mike P has respected the UK scene for a long time so we know he’s not coming here for a free vacation.


I mean what can be said about this? I don’t think I myself can add much to the conversation we’ve already had about this one other than it’s sure to be absolute fire, with two of the best pens in the scene finally facing off after years of anticipation. Words can’t describe how this battle will be.


What do we think of this truly insane card? Leave a comment!

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