Premier Battles Academy 18 | The Final 16 | Bracey vs Blittz

In the latest upload from Premier Battles’ Academy 18 series, we see Manchester’s Blittz, formerly of King of the Ronalds fame, going against the capital’s Bracey.

The series as a whole has so far highlighted several marked improvements from lesser-viewed battlers in the scene, and Blittz is a prime example of this leap in quality in this final 16 matchup. The confidence with which he performed rose to such a level he even reloaded most of his third round… when nobody asked him to.

Bracey’s more calculating gun rhymes didn’t captivate the crowd on the day, and presented a clear contrast when pitched against the frenetic delivery of the Mancunian opposite, setting a clear clash of styles in a way that has been seen through all levels of battle rap.

Who do you think will win the Academy? Who will win the Premier Battles main title? Who would YOU like to see enter the Academy 19? Give your opinions on the official UK Battle Rap Facebook Forum right here, and be sure to subscribe to Premier Battles either through the network or on YouTube.

Sam Strickland

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