Premier Battles | Academy 18 Quarter Finals | Bobby Rex vs Soul

So here we have a match up that this time last year, no one was expecting to happen and certainly no one was expecting to deliver the way it has. In this clash of UK legends, we see Shark Citys Soul facing off with Pride BC’s Bobby Rex in a battle of battle rap titans.

Going into this battle Soul and Bobby were on very different trajectories in the league, Soul had picked up a win in his rematch vs Mandrill Mobs Matter at Match Day 001, whilst Bobby himself took a loss to Knights BC’s Villun at the same event. After MD1 neither of them made an appearance in the league until MD3 where Bobby was meant to face off against A, unfortunately A dropped out due to…reasons…and Bobby picked up an automatic win due to Glory BC not being able to arrange A a replacement.

Bobby then didn’t battle again until this match. The score card for these guys at the moment is Bobby 1-1 and Soul 1-0, with a lot of people doubting Bobbys chances in this one, but he showed up and made it a true debatable and possibly one of the best battles on PB.

You can catch Soul battling Illmaculate in a guaranteed classic at the Allstar game next weekend in Manchester

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