Premier Battles | Match Day 004 | Oshea vs Cojay

Freshly dropped from PBs successful Match Day 004 event, we have another fire match up, this time in the form of Mandrill Mobs Oshea, taking on Pride BCs Cojay.   This is a match up that certainly no one...

Premier Battles | Allstar Game | Chris Leese vs Caustic announed

And so like that, the final match up of Premier Battles groundbreaking Allstar match has been released and by God is it a good one. This time we see Shark City’s Chris Leese; the only person to have...

Premier Battles | Allstar Game | Rivers vs Big Kannon announced

Another fire announcement dropping from Premier Battles who seem dead set to end their first year with a bang. Next up we have Glory BC player/now manager Rivers squaring up against undeniable legend and...

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