Respek BA Is An Absolute ‘Nightmare’ In Spine-Tingling New Music Video

Scottish hip hop powerhouse Respek BA has been on a successful run of dropping music videos via the Don’t Flop and Chalked Out battle rap outlets. Kicking off proceedings with ‘Shadow of...

Irish Battlers Coleman & Nugget Address ‘The Rich’ In Thought-Provoking Single

In the Irish hip hop scene, rappers Coleman and Nugget have very good reputations for shedding light on the struggles faced by the Irish on a daily basis. In times gone by, Coleman has put what living in a...

Mos Prob a.k.a. Felman – ‘TIDINGS’ Album Preview

Adam Felman is known throughout the battle rap world for a zany persona, a unique writing style and for proposing to his wife on a battling stage under his Mos Prob alias. Many incarnations of Adam through the...

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