Mos Prob a.k.a. Felman – ‘TIDINGS’ Album Preview

Adam Felman is known throughout the battle rap world for a zany persona, a unique writing style and for proposing to his wife on a battling stage under his Mos Prob alias. Many incarnations of Adam through the years have also included Jewdacris and MC Quite Good, but now he has taken his namesake under his wing for his more serious and artistic approach to his music as Felman.

In recent times I covered the title track for his upcoming ‘Tidings’ album, which you can find here. But how about the rest of the project? What can we expect from Felman’s latest self-production? Well, I’ve had a sneak preview, so here’s a few flavours of what you will find.

Right off the bat, the beat production is solid. Felman makes all his own instrumentals, mixes and masters every track on the album so it has a well-balanced and levelled sound throughout. The first track displays Felman’s talent for beat crafting with proceedings-kicker ‘Type of Music’. The synthesised dreamlike quality blends with drumbeats and snares to give the opening track a magical aura that carries on from start to finish.

We also hear from the off Felman’s distinct accent. It is uncommon to hear an educated Brightonian spit, but Felman has spent many years attempting to get his voice on lock as to how he utilises its strengths. As for the content, the album is still clearly Adam Felman. The second track, ‘Adequate Anthem’, opens with Felman exclaiming “YIPPIE-KI-HOORAY BROTHER CHUCKLERS” before talking about his complete adequacy in almost every element of his life. It is an anti-song to every rapper bigging themselves up and chatting about how amazing they are, and Felman’s character makes that concept work perfectly.

The features chosen for the album are also well-selected. Battle fans will already be aware of Adam the Rapper, who appears here on the track ‘Make Stuff’, but cameos also come from Professor Elemental, Teej, OneLyfe, SoloCypher, Caddy Womp, Ezra Kirk and Niko Suave who all play their part.

Personal favourite? For me, Cumulonimbulous. The name, deriving from a thick upward-rising cloud of water vapour (yeah, because why wouldn’t it be?), aptly describes the power coming from this track’s beat. The instruments of choice are excellent, the strings giving the track a Mafia hip hop vibe, easily my favourite Felman-made beat on the album. The features from Teej and Caddy Womp are also sick here. All-round a track I will happily bump whenever it crops up on my shuffle.

The album closes with a thank you track to the people who have helped him throughout the years, in ‘kthx’. A beautiful listen this, giving a positive outlook on life and that we need to focus on the people who have helped us on our way to the current pavement slab on the path of life we are standing on.

An album full of variety, personality and solidity, Felman’s ‘Tidings’ is one of this year’s top UK battle rap releases. Wait for it dropping soon, and when it does, be there.

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