Mos Prob a.k.a. Felman Bares His Soul In New Release ‘Tidings’

Since 2011, Brighton-based Mos Prob has developed a standout character in the UK battle rap scene. Full of charm, wit and a distinct level of artsy patter, Prob has put out many classic battles including against Soul, Ogmios and Marlo to name but few. He most recently completed a dream battle of his, sparring with Oshea at DubScandal’s ‘2nd Birthday Scandals’ event, and is most famous for proposing to his wife Jackie a.k.a. Rapunsell during a 2-on-2 battle against Enigma and Eek at Don’t Flop’s iconic 5th Birthday event.

Despite being known most to battle rap fans as Mos Prob, Adam Felman has slowly been rolling out an armoury of music under his surname-sake, ‘Felman’. Starting in 2015 with his self-produced ‘Good Grief’ E.P., Felman was already proving to the world that he has a very solid rapping ability. The lavish Brightonian accent isn’t one traditionally heard on hip hop tracks, so Felman has spent several years developing his unique cadence and annunciation. When you hear Felman rapping on beat, you know that it is Felman.

Felman’s hard work, as well as his music production and writing skills, carries him into his next project ,’Tidings’, and with it the new music video for the album’s title track. Felman has already spoken on his social media about the song, saying that it is “a full confessional and far and away the best song I’ve produced, beat wise and lyrics wise.” Once you delve into the track you might find that, yeah, he’s got a point actually.

The track begins with a gorgeous piano piece, setting the tone that this is a serious and emotional composition. Once the black and white keys are accompanied by some subtle bass guitar strumming and militaristic drum hits, it becomes clear that Felman’s home-brewed instrumental carries his lyrics deep into his confessing soul.

Messages in this captivating track include Felman’s relationship with his wife, stress, bad friendships, music-making, losing his hearing, and turning over to a new chapter of his life. All compelling stuff, and Felman’s deep bellowing vocals lure in the listener towards the warmth he applies to his struggles.

If we can be expecting more like this from the upcoming ‘Tidings’ album, due for release 29th November, 2018, then this will be an album every battle rap fan should have on their downloads list.

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