Locksmyth Will Make You ‘Say It Again’ In New Grime Track

Both a veteran battle rapper and long-term musical collaborator of Tony D, Locksmyth has contributed to a lot of classic moments and thumping tracks over the years, most notably being one half of the iconic 2016 ‘The Tone & Smyth Show’ album.

On ‘The Tone & Smyth Show’, Locksmyth demonstrates his smooth hip hop flow and penmanship to the Nth degree and more than holds his own alongside former Poisonous Poet and undefeated Don’t Flop champion Tony D.

However, in this latest release ‘Say It Again’, Locksmyth enters the grime realm to prove that he is a versatile artist from the London underground rap scene. The instrumental here is extremely catchy, the music video shot and edited by AMS is slick and crisp, and Locksmyth’s cadence and breath control are very much on point.

Despite being released in 2018, ‘Say It Again’ has the sound and vibe of an old school grime track of the early 2000s, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. It only adds to the track’s vibrancy and memorability, and the bounciness of the rhythm will leave you replaying this one numerous times.

‘Say It Again’ by Locksmyth AVAILABLE NOW!

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