King of the Ronalds | Kinell vs Double L

The latest King of the Ronalds upload sees an absolute classic, as Double L makes his return to battle rap facing KOTR golden boy Kinell.

In true Ronalds style, we see two experienced heavy-hitters, well known for their ability to combine bars and jokes, going toe-to-toe in the pit while absolutely smashed. The result is a superbly entertaining clash that highlights both battlers’ strengths, with the crowd enjoying every moment. In fact, this battle was so enjoyable, I decided to turn it into a drinking game: whenever either battler delivered a punchline, I would take a shot. This resulted in me being late for work, turning up hanging out my arse, and being severely delayed in releasing this article. Kinell’s now-iconic personality shines through, as he effortlessly delivers everything you’d expect, from bars about selling drugs, to bars about taking drugs, to talking about Double L’s apartment smelling like AIDs. Double L’s return was much anticipated, and his own arrogance and finesse in controlling the crowd was perfect for the Ronalds audience, who truly made the clash.

After another insane match up on the channel, what more do you want from KOTR before their planned exit from the scene in February 2019? To keep up to date with everything Ronald, be sure to check out Back Your Talk by clicking here, and to join in the battle rap conversation across all active leagues be sure to head over to the official UK Battle Rap Group right here.

Sam Strickland

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