IRN BRZ x King of the Ronalds | Scotland vs England | Full Flyer

So as we round out another year for UK Battle Rap, one thats had its fair share of ups and downs, we have another two leagues joining forces to give 2018 one last hurrah. This time up it’s Scotlands IRN BRZ finest going up against some of the big names of Englands King of the Ronalds.

Guaranteed to be a great event, with KOTR head honchos Mickey Worthless and Bowski facing up against Scotland big names Bold Yin and Jinx, whilst former KOTR champs Lazy Arse Jack and G Double E face up against Mackenzie, the biggest name in Scotland after Soul and Respek BA and surely LAJ’s biggest challenge yet, and Zebadee, who is sure to give G Double E a good challenge in his time away from battling.


This should be a fun one, what do we think? Leave a comment!

Nathan Jones

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