Irish Battlers Coleman & Nugget Address ‘The Rich’ In Thought-Provoking Single

In the Irish hip hop scene, rappers Coleman and Nugget have very good reputations for shedding light on the struggles faced by the Irish on a daily basis. In times gone by, Coleman has put what living in a rough, working-class area all his life is like in a truly excellent track ‘Life In A Council Estate’, while Nugget has struck out against Ireland’s homelessness crisis in ‘Stand Up’.

Now, these two spokespeople for Ireland’s fight for equality and hope extends into a new collaborative track titled ‘The Rich’. Right away your ears get hit by gorgeous, melancholy sound waves as a stunning acoustic instrumental accompanies the vocals. It truly encapsulates the mood of the song that each respective artist wanted to achieve.

The key to success for this song is juxtaposition, used to its full effect by both. The recurring phrase throughout is “if I had a penny for…”, each time compared to something regularly experienced by the poverty-stricken. “If I had a penny for every time I’ve said I’m broke, I’d be a rich man.” This statement and several others reverberate with staggering simplicity yet resonate like a smack in the face the harsh reality of Dublin’s suburbs. The powerful, emotional delivery from both Coleman and Nugget, combined with the heartfelt subject matter, really stays with you long after the 4:25 minute mark.

The issues that financial instability can cause are fleshed out like an economical spider diagram: lack of support and the twisting of society’s views on immigration, education and opportunities can lead to emotional angst, helplessness, suicide, and having to get money via illegal means just to survive. This one comes from two haunted souls and if salt of the earth was a flavour, that’s what ‘The Rich’ would taste like.

A moving and captivating effort from both lads, especially Coleman who mixed/mastered the track and filmed/edited the music video. In Coleman’s own words, here is the thought process behind ‘The Rich’:

“(‘The Rich’) shows where we are as a country, from the decades that have passed to the present day. Me and Nugget give insight into our lives living in suburban Dublin combined with the gritty context of the harsh reality we live in. This track holds its own weight.”

And indeed it does. Check out the music video above and if you would like to hear some more of Coleman’s works, you can download ‘The Stall It E.P.’ for a name-your-price fee RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

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