Gift of the Gab X URL | United | Hulk vs Impact Announced

So as we gear up towards URL‘s first trip overseas to our hallowed isles for Summer Madness 8, bringing with it what is undoubtedly shaping up to be an absolutely fire card, Hollow Da Don vs John John Da Don, Pat Stay vs Tay Roc, plus more TBA, it seems right that we should focus on the opportunities this could bring the prominent and also the up and coming talent the UK scene has to offer. To that end Gift of the Gab have teamed up once again with the esteemed US league for the PG event UNITED happening the day after Summer Madness 8 and they have now dropped the headliner for said event.


So these two veterans are finally jumping into the ring to face off against one another in a clash that I personally, never knew I wanted until it was set up. Both of these guys are great at what they do and have consistently been getting better and better over the years. In the run up to this match you’ll be able to catch both of these guys at the Don’t Flop Tenth Birthday Tour, which will feature Impact vs Th3 Saga in London and Hulk vs Crisis in Reading.

It’s great to see these guys getting their  well and truly deserved URL debuts, with Hulk rising up the ranks massively in the last year and Impact staying at a fantastic consistency all these years this should surely be one to watch

As many know, this isn’t the first time Gab have partnered with URL, they teamed up together previously to put on Shox the Rebel vs Giz (at the time going by Gizmo) which found its way on the URL main channel, amongst others. Fingers crossed this is a more frequent partnership in the future.

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