Gift of the Gab X URL | United | D Mac vs Crash Announced

Yet another day in the world of UKBR and yet another fire announcement. This time for Gift of the Gab‘s upcoming card in partnership with URL.


D Mac and Crash are two of the most talked about guys in their respective scenes. Crash himself has been killing it on his home league¬†Pryme Cut as well as making appearances on Chalked Out and BRR, with Don’t Flop soon to follow on the Tenth Birthday Tour. Meanwhile D Mac came bursting onto the scene in 2017, going up against Wobi Tide, AKA CallumBOOM, in his tryout for Cojay‘s now essentially defunct league UKBL, unfortunately the battle from that event hasn’t seen the light of day, but word of mouth is that he caught a body and really showed out for his first every time battling, before disappearing and then resurfacing again in 2018 to join the Premier Battles Academy 18.

This is a match up that’s been thrown around a lot in the last few months as both has been slowly rising ranks and making exciting moves in their respective ways, Crash travelling and putting in appearances around the UK and D Mac making a name for himself in the PB Academy, these are two energetic forces to be reckoned with and I for one am very excited to see them go toe to toe. Crash’s next battle before this card will be against Sam Hypes on Pryme Cut, whilst D Mac will be facing Irish stand out Haidees at Code Red’s Next In Line 3.


Who do you think will win? Why? Leave a comment!

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