Dubscandal Drop Video Flyer for 2nd Birthday Scandals

The 6th October marks Dubscandal’s second birthday, and where else could the celebratory event be held but the Palm Tree? As the video flyer dropped today, it’s clear Dub are looking to make this another day to remember.

With Dubscandal’s rapidly-increasing popularity and established roster of battlers, it may come as a surprise to some that the league is only just turning two years old – such is the success of Chip, DTH and co. in ensuring events stay as welcoming as possible for all types of crowds.

The video doesn’t hang about in revealing the first battle of the day; a first-time Dub appearance (I refuse to allow the term ‘Dubut’ become a real thing, sorry lads) for Oshea against Mos Prob in the type of clash that promises an instant classic before anything else has been revealed. Second up, Dub favourite Young Crumpet tests his hand against Welsh heavyweight Kinell – a battle that seems perfect for the Palm’s relaxed yet enthusiastic crowd. Dubscandal’s answer to the bouncer at Checkpoint Domski One makes his return against UK veteran Hulk, so expect plenty of aggression in that one. Next, the as-yet-unbeaten Milky faces the challenge of Yorkz in a fairly unremarkable clash, save for it being on grime. Yep – that’s Milky and Yorkz on grime and I cannot bloody wait for it. Elsewhere we have another on beat clash as Judge T looks to progress from beating yours truly into a 3ROH against staff member Conman Curve. Tydal and Rabdah return to Dub to face off and Rubix vs Bombshell packs out the biggest Palm event ever. Other battles mentioned are JD James vs Bendtner, a grudge match following online words between the two, and a 2-on-2 in the shape of bossmen Chip and DTH taking on Frank Lucas and Luigiano, as well as a host of tryouts to be announced closer to the day.


Make sure you’re tuned in for more information on the UKBR forum, Dubscussion, and subscribed to Dubscandal on Youtube as well.

Sam Strickland

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