Dubscandal Battle League | IntroDUBtions | Kofi vs Tydal announced

As 2018 rounds out for UKBR, we can reflect on how a wide body of leagues truly set themselves apart in a scene that was struggling to keep itself afloat in the wake of Don’t Flops hiatus.

One league in particular that stood out was Dubscandal, the brainchild of DTH and Chip and the home of several of UKBR’s up and coming heavy hitters, but instead of reflecting lets look to the future, with Dubscandal setting 2019 off in their usual fashion, with the first UKBR event of the year, IntroDUBtions.

For those not in the know 3 Rounds of Hell is a format unique to Dubscandal, the basic premise is that it’s 2 on beat rounds and one acapella round. So far to date Dub has had two of these in the form of Maverick vs Darpa and Conman Curve vs Judge T (This one is yet to be uploaded).

Kofi and Tydal are no strangers too spitting on a beat, but neither have battled on the format so it should certainly be exciting to see how they adapt to this.

IntroDUBtions is going down 12th January in Sheffield and is a free event featuring a ton of battlers making their first appearances in the league.


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