DubScandal Battle League | Cause & Effect 2 | BType VS JayR

DubScandal has always been intended to be a predominately tryout league; to bring new battlers to a platform when no others were taking on, and develop the skills and experience of those who wanted to better themselves. Or, most commonly, to have a good laugh.

This latest DubScandal release shows off all three of these categories tied up in a not-so-neat bow. This is a very scattergun affair which is what often makes a DubScandal battle so watchable. Rallying behind underdogs, the crowd participating and becoming a part of the battle, and both battlers being shown a lot of love.

In the tryout battle from Dub’s ‘Cause & Effect 2’ event, we saw the debut of Middlesbrough’s JayR put in a very good display of writing and confidence.

He went up against Sunderland’s BType; a local niche nerdcore rapper with a cult following up and down the country. However, in this battle, he came to be better known as STEVE!!!

Putting out several quotable bars and demonstrating a solid freestyle ability, BType gave JayR a highly entertaining and memorable clash that hit in the room on the day……despite Conman’s phone throwing in some ‘ad-libs’ towards the end – sorry lads!

As far as return visits are concerned, both BType and JayR are more than welcome a comeback.

Conman Curve

Yo, it's your friendly neighbourhood Conman as per. How we doin' UK Battle Rap fans, we good?

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