DubScandal Battle League | Cause And Effect 2 | JD James VS TKP

New from DubScandal Battle League’s event Cause & Effect 2 is a short prep battle between JD James and TKP. TKP was initially slated to clash Kiwi in an On-Beat ‘Winner Stays On’ multi-event format. As Kiwi dropped out, TKP will takes on Cizz On-Beat in the next event and the format will continue from there. JD James on the other hand still had a battle going on at the event against Maddo (To be released) but seemingly unfazed by taking two battles on the day, accepted the challenge for a 1 round unlimited A Capella battle with TKP. For it’s prep time this is a sick battle with JD James particularly impressing with his memory skills by spitting a round that went far longer than TKP’s, containing it’s fair share of punches and memorable moments. Check out that clash below and subscribe to DubScandal Battle League here for more uploads to come!

Sean de Faoite

Just an Irish lad with an interest in following Battle Rap. Outside of this I also follow the Irish music scene with great interest and collect merchandise and run my own blog for those endeavours.

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