Don’t Flop Unlocks Bilzar’s ‘Secret Levels’

Bilzar is a name renowned for tooth-and-dagger attacks on his opponents in battles and a visceral, bouncy flow littered with punches in his tracks. Despite not making the most memorable start as an acapella battler, Bilzar eventually found his feet as one of the UK’s most watched, and feared, MCs to grace the stage and pit.

However, Don’t Flop’s ‘Secret Levels’ series, which sees artists performing high quality freestyles, has recently revealed one of Bilzar’s latest projects. This one does not stray down the path usually crept by Bilzar. Instead, this one goes for an approach rarely seen by the London rapper: introspection.

We have all seen Bilzar break down his foes, both to their faces and through online sends, but now he breaks down himself. Delving into topics such as his demons, self-confidence, determination, and passion for music.

The writing format is also incredibly interesting to listen to, as Bilzar raps to himself in the third person; giving himself advice and telling himself what he needs to work on in order to find success.

The ‘Secret Levels’ series has been a remarkably intriguing project so far, with most featured choosing to display their usual craft, but here Bilzar delivers a powerful and relatable piece that is vastly different to anything he has put out previously.

This one comes with high recommendation, and to both fans of Bilzar and the man himself, the content here may very well show a turning point in his career.


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