Don’t Flop | Retaliation | Press1 VS P Solja [On-Beat Title Match]

Don’t Flop are back with a bang with the first release from their event Retaliation, the first Don’t Flop event to occur in 14 months. This is an On-Beat Title Match between the reigning champion Press1, and the challenger P Solja. Press1 earned the title in the very first title match at Checkpoint 4 against Bilzar, with this being his first defense. Featuring 2 rounds of Hip Hop and 1 round of Double Time in the middle, both are sick rappers and worthy names to contend for the title and put in a great showing here. Check out Press1’s latest track ‘A Song For NoName’ featuring Billy Whizz on your streaming platform of choice, and P Solja’s new album ‘Nah Watch Face’ is one of the best albums going at the moment from a rapper in the Battle Rap scene. This event is filmed and edited by Blue Shift Visuals who come with some of the cleanest visual products in Battle Rap at the moment. Subscribe¬†here to Don’t Flop with some more sick battles from this event to follow.

Sean de Faoite

Just an Irish lad with an interest in following Battle Rap. Outside of this I also follow the Irish music scene with great interest and collect merchandise and run my own blog for those endeavours.

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