Don’t Flop | Craft-D vs Frankie Phraser

Another week passes and yet another battle from the Don’t Flop vaults has been released. Hot on the tails of last weeks release of Kinell vs Dank Schrader, we have this:


This battle originally took place at the Check Point 4 pre party event, the day before Checkpoint 4 (obviously) and featured at the time well known up and comers Craft-D and Frankie Phraser facing off in what most have come to remember as career performances for the both.


Personally for me I’m glad this battle is seeing the light of day as it’s one of my favourites from the CP4 Weekend as a whole. Two hungry guys with fire in their eyes going up against one another with clear, quotable and memorable performances.


Who do you think won? What battles are you looking forward to seeing emerge from the vault? Leave a comment!

Nathan Jones

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