Dialect Experiences ‘Road Rage’ for Latest JDZmedia Drop

Ever since his iconic debut to battle rap at Don’t Flop’s fondly-remembered ‘To The Test 10’ event back in 2012, Dialect has grown from strength to strength, both in the ring and on a beat.

His unmistakable Ghetts-inspired flow and cadence have made Dialect one of the most notable UK battlers when it comes to spitting on both grime and hip hop. He is even known to hone his craft on the Leeds city streets themselves; busking regularly to not only show off his talents to the locals, but also display his sheer will and determination while carving warpath to success.

Dialect once again returns to the streets for a grime freestyle for powerhouse UK rap platform JDZmedia. Di isn’t a stranger to performing videos of this kind, with several similarly-raw videos over the years including two Don’t Flop ‘Drops’ and sends for Bilzar and Opium, to name but few.

Dialect’s confidence is apparent for all to see here; he looks and sounds more comfortable on grime than ever. Whenever he delivers his material, you HEAR it. You simply have no other choice. His command of pronunciation and breath control, combined with a plethora of hard-hitting bars and cultural references, hooks the listener in to an onslaught of a punchy sound of the underground UK artist.

This is easily one of Dialect’s most impressive one-take freestyles for years. Listen, and you shan’t regret.

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