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So as we edge closer to October 28th, a day that surely will be remembered for a long time as the NIL series bows it’s head and makes it’s final curtain call, we are blessed with another battle announcement for the highly anticipated event


This is definitely going to be an interesting one, and a well deserved international opponent for Rivers who has remained consistent and underrated since his debut. Both of these guys are coming into this off the back of great performances, with Rivers surviving his fray with Balor at Premier Battles Ireland vs England event and Xcel having a career performance vs Madflex at King of the Dots MASS4.

Both of these guys will be coming into this one hungry and looking to make a name for themselves in the eyes of a potential new audiemmce, Xcel will be battling in the UK for the first time whilst Rivers will be returning to the Fiddlers Elbow, where he made his debut back in 2015 vs Quack.

Scoop vs Bobby

Danny Jaqq vs Oshea

Rivers vs Xcel


NIL3 is definitely shaping up to be a fantastic card

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