Code Red Culture | Next In Line 3 | Raptor vs Chilla Jones announced

So in a shock move, that no one saw coming but is very welcome to happen again (wink wink, nudge nudge cough Danny announce more fire battles cough cough) Code Red Culture dropped the announcement for a new battle to be added to the Next In Line 3 card.


Raptor has proven himself consistently clash after clash as one of the top tiers of battle rap and he has chosen 2018 as the year to really leave his mark on the scene.

Coming off of fire performances vs Real Deal, Quill, Oshea, Villun and Podge Dwyer, 2018 is definitely the year of the Raptor.

It makes sense for Raptor a reappearance at Code Red after his heartstopping performance vs Real Deal in January and portfolio he’s built for himself since. This time however he finds himself facing someone unlike any opponent he’s tackled before. The King Pen himself, Chilla Jones.

Chilla is coming into this off of the back of what some are calling a classic vs Iron Solomon at MASS4 and has proven himself worthy of the titles of veteran and legend. Making fantastic appearances in the UK against the likes of Cee Major, Tony D, Charron and Mr Re, he is back once again to grace the stage (well…the floor) of Fiddlers Elbow, his first time battling in the legendary venue, in what is sure to be a fire match.


Get your tickets now before they’re gone¬†

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