Chalked Out x KOTD | Empire | Pnut vs Matter

In the latest drop from CO and KOTDs much acclaimed merger we have California vet Pnut going up against UK veteran and legend Matter.

When this battle got announced it was most certainly a surprising match up for most but it certainly was something that brought something great out of both. With Matter not wasting his first international since The Saurus at 4BW and Pnut making the most out of his UK debut.
Unfortunately due to time restrictions at Concrete Space, this battle closed out the event in an old train tunnel down the street in Shoreditch and gave a truly unique setting for the battle.

Who do you think won? Who would you like to see these guys up against next? Leave a comment!

Nathan Jones

Writer | Videographer | Graphic Designer | A Song By Bananarama | Rictus Erectus in Mad Max Fury Road | Australian Footballer | Good Ol' Fashioned English Boi

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