Bison Briggz Enters ‘New Wave Oasis’ In Latest Music Project

When considering the pyramid of underground rappers in Manchester, one cannot simply forget about the input of Briggzy. A regular on the scene for many years, Bison Briggz has offered a solid input to the battle rap community for several leagues and regularly puts on gigs for his Mancunian kinfolk.

He has also put on some great quality battles over the years, most recently in a Battle of the Night-winning showpiece against Zen. Now, Briggz reminds us all that he knows his way around a beat as he gives us a stellar nine-track album.

‘New Wave Oasis’ kicks off proceedings with a catchy trap hit in ‘I Do This’, which also features the vocals of up-and-coming Manchester artist Kris Evans. A very solid way to kick off the project, and we can hear a more developed sound to Bison’s musical output. ‘New Wave Oasis’ isĀ fresh, and Briggz’s skippier trap flow suits him incredibly well. It carries on into the second track ‘Mannequin’, which like the opening track has an incredibly infectious hook, this time performed by Briggz as opposed to Evans. This isn’t simple underground rap, this is artistry.

The first half of the album is focused on hard hits, thumping bass and full of Manny attitude with tracks like ‘Manky’ and ‘Minute Outta Manny’, whereas the second half takes a more introspective, thoughtful approach with the likes of ‘Innocence’ and ‘Runnin’ which have a new school production with an old school soul. The balance of these styles works so well and displays how versatile an artist Briggz is.

The theme of an up-to-date, punchier sound to Bison’s cadence, a focus on choruses that will stick in your head long after finishing the album, and a spectacular beat selection, ‘New Wave Oasis’ is an all-round airtight package. Briggz is better than ever, his music is stronger than ever, and his selected features are stronger than ever. This is 100% a contender for battle rap album of the year, from any nation.

You can download ‘New Wave Oasis’ now fromĀ at a ‘name your price’ fee.

Do it, our kid. Now.


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