Bilzar Delivers A ‘Killshot’ Aimed At UK Battle Rap

2018 has definitely been one of the most divisive and evolutionary years in UK battle rap history. Don’t Flop was on hiatus until a slow-but-steady revival, Premier Battles kicked off its first season of the world’s first team-based battle league, Chalked Out merged with North American giants King of the Dot, King of the Ronalds experienced its final full year as a league, DubScandal celebrated its second birthday…..basically a lot has happened.

The scene has both grown and killed off certain elements, which has been a natural part of its progression, and yet still in the hawk-eyed vision of Bilzar there are some problems, and people, that need a good talking to.

Beyond the reaches of battle rap, rap culture in general has been given a mainstream spark of late with the historic Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly rivalry, involving both parties firing at each other with send tracks as ammunition. Now, Bilzar has a ‘Killshot’ of his own, and this time it’s pointed at the culture he is a clear figurehead within.

On an informal side note, as a writer for this website, when putting out music articles I like to add some colourful language and describe the craftsmanship in tracks, and how the artist twists around a beat with the creativity of their talent. But for this one, it’s difficult to say anything other than “Christ almighty, this is f*****g NUTS!”

Bilzar always flourishes on beat, in and out the pit, and via previous sends such as his popular ‘The Purge’ aimed at Leeds grime juggernaut Dialect has proven that he can direct his content to those who want to step in his way. However, ‘The Purge’ was aimed at one man, ‘Killshot’ is aimed at nineteen.

Bilzar bounces his unmistakable crystal-clear vocals with rhythm and force over an adrenaline-inducing, thumping grime instrumental. A lot of strong artists rely mostly on their flow rather than their content to garner reactions; Bilzar is dangerous with both, giving listeners his issues with Gemin1, Soul, Scoop, Bobby Rex, Unanymous, to name but few. Hell, even Mac Sherry is dissed here!

Track aside, the music video for this is gorgeous. Crisp and smooth footage splicing together Bilzar spitting at the camera in his traditional hoodie look and Bilzar wearing a stunning neon-blue ‘Purge’ mask, calling back to his Dialect feud.

Seriously, this is disgusting. Listen. Now.


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