Battle Rap Resume | BRR IN THE PARK | Eurgh vs Danny Jaqq Barstermind Live

Following on from the release of BRRs first ever battle, Marvel vs Crash, from their first event “BRR IN THE PARK”, comes one of the main events of the day. Barstermind Live. This was extremely hyped up in the build up to the event, even more so once we had the official reveal of the two guys going toe to toe in the heavy underbelly of the quizzing world were controversial figure and Don’t Flop head honcho Eurgh and battle rap saviour and wavy don Danny Jaqq.

Overall, this was probably the highlight of the event and was an insanely fun vibe throughout.

Would you want Battle Rap Resume to do this again? Did the foray into live entertainment come through as a success or are the training wheels very much still attached? Does Evil need to chill?

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