Rap Is Full Battle League | Broken Resolutions | Lizzie C vs Kinell announced

Another day, another battle announcement for Rap Is Fulls first event of 2019 and boy is this one really making an early claim for event of the year. This time with RIF up and comer Lizzie C going up against...

IRN BRZ x King of the Ronalds | Scotland vs England | Full Flyer

So as we round out another year for UK Battle Rap, one thats had its fair share of ups and downs, we have another two leagues joining forces to give 2018 one last hurrah. This time up it’s Scotlands IRN...

Rap Is Full Battle League | Broken Resolutions | Gwame vs Bobby Rex announced

Yet another fire announcement from the boys over at RIF for their upcoming January event. This time we’ve got the Rap Is Full Champ Gwame, who beat Terminal earlier this year for the title, taking his...

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